Your Needs Define Our Solutions

When we say “your link to your world,” we mean that quite literally. In large part, the survival and prosperity of your business is made possible by your phone system and broadband connectivity. From the clients who contact your call center to your wireless internet speed, telecommunications services are of utmost importance to your company.

Universal Connectivity follows our human touch core value with our pragmatic and proactive processes. Our team makes your team’s productivity a personal concern, taking the time to get to know your company culture and needs so we are able to create the most appropriate and efficient solutions. We know that every company is different, so we make it a point to listen to your concerns and evaluate your needs before implementing the best strategy for current and long-term needs across a cost-efficient, secure network.

Our Process That LINKS™

Telecommunications services are complex; our goal is to make them easy and painless, from solution discovery to solutions delivered. Here’s how we make that happen:

Listen: We meet with your team to learn about your business, listen to your pains and uncover all telecommunications issues at hand – some that you may not even know about!

Investigate: After a thorough analysis and brainstorming, we customize solution options that intricately meet your every need.

Network: We implement the best solutions that link up with your company’s specific needs to provide a world where communication is always clear, consistent and convenient.

Knowledge: Rather than dropping off solutions and running out the door, we provide easy-to-understand instruction during implementation, so you learn how and why these solutions work for you. Your business deserves the best technology and the training to know how it runs.

Support: We provide ongoing maintenance and management to ensure our services and your results are consistent with your expectations.

The Universal Connectivity Continuity Promise™

Your business is built on connections. Our promise is to help you be better connected! From your company’s internet to the call center, these direct connections impact your company’s reputation and success. With Universal Connectivity as your partner, we are focused on enhancing your business growth and productivity with forward-thinking, scalable communications systems.

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