Universal Connectivity Hears You Loud & Clear

Your Need Is Our Critical Command

The Universal Connectivity Continuity Promise™: A company’s call center is a vital link to the world of its customers -- a link with a direct connection to your company’s reputation and success. Poor bandwidth, dropped calls, missed calls and low-quality calls not only impede productivity, but also depreciate the credibility of your business.

With UC, your productivity is our personal promise.

  • UC maintains clear core values! Pragmatic Creativity. Human Touch. Thoroughness. Happiness. From here on out, your telecommunications system will be supported by products and services that ensure reliability and survivability, plus speed and accuracy of communication and clear connection.
  • UC makes a proactive promise for custom-creating each solution so that it matches your company’s culture with precision and fulfills your team’s needs with long-lasting productivity. We adapt technology to serve your business, not vice versa. Forcing your business into the technology’s capacities is the easy way out -- it’s the method that many broadband providers take, but that never produces stable solutions for the long run.
  • Take a peek at the UC Promise
    If you’re not ready to replace your phone system and upgrade to a hosted system, no problem! We’ll provide our voice line replacement, known as SIP Trunking services, by replacing your existing copper lines, T1 or PRI circuits, with ours, which run on the same platform as our hosted phone system.
  • With this option, you transform your disaster recovery plan from a complex and lengthy business resumption strategy -- which could shut down telecommunications for days or even a few weeks -- to a simple and effective business continuity plan. In the event of a catastrophic failure like building loss or phone system failure, we convert your lines into hosted phone seats within minutes to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
  • Businesses without solid continuity plans are out of business within a year after a major disaster -- it’s a scary reality, but it’s the truth. Don’t let disaster strike your business without the proactive stability of UC on your side.

UC Makes It Personal with the Human Touch

The value of our superior products and services is amplified by the rapport we build with each client. We make it a point to get to know your company and your team personally -- this way, not only do we provide the best solutions for your current needs, but we are also able to help you create a strategic project plan for your future needs and ensure long-term productivity.

When you reach out to UC, you get the personal attention you deserve. You will be assigned a UC Sales Connector who makes it a point to know your system, your company’s infrastructure and your team. Therefore, he or she can quickly and easily design and develop a solution that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

We listen. We care. We follow through with our promises. We hold your best interest at heart.

Does this sound a bit like the relationship between two family members? We thought so, too. Welcome to the UC Family.

UC Full Spectrum Process: The Process That LINKS™

We would never describe our services or processes as “simple,” but the components that you’re involved with are made plain and painless -- from solution discovery to solutions delivered. It’s time for your company to enjoy a phone system that not only works, but also works with incredible efficiency. Here’s how we make that happen:

  1. Listen: We meet with you and your team to learn about your business, listen to your pains and uncover all telecommunications issues at hand -- both the weaknesses you’re aware of and those you aren’t.
  2. Investigate: After thorough analysis and brainstorming, we custom-create solution options that intricately meet your every need.
  3. Network: We implement the best solutions that not only link up with your company’s specific needs, but also link your company to a world where communication is clear, constant and convenient -- always.
  4. Knowledge: Instead of simply dropping off solutions and running out the door, we provide jargon-free instruction during implementation so you learn how and why these solutions work for you. Why? Not only do you deserve the best technology, but you also deserve to understand it.
  5. Support: We provide ongoing maintenance and management to ensure that the results and services you’re getting are consistent with your expectations.


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