Fiber Optics & Ethernet Services

The Supply For Your Escalating Bandwidth Demand

With the growing demand for bandwidth as more applications are pushed outside your local area network to the cloud and videoconferencing and streaming media a day-to-day reality for businesses. Today's most innovative businesses are moving toward efficient metro ethernet services.

Today a T1 at 1.5 megs is outdated and insufficient for the big data needs of businesses. Now most start with a 10Mbps or multiples of that, which are needed to drive larger enterprises with a high reliance on data intensive applications.

Universal Connectivity's ethernet services offer a wide range of bandwidth options from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps. We can help you optimize your WAN and expand the capabilities of your LAN to meet your application requirements with flexible bandwidth options across your network and ours.


Ethernet handoff via fiber optics with a 100 Base Tx interface over category 5 twisted pair cable. Gigabit ethernet provided via 1000BaseT, 1000Base5x or 1000BaseLX.


  • Connectivity via fiber optics within and/or between most major metropolitan markets
  • Scalable from 3Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Point-to-point or dedicated ring configurations
  • Transparent packet transmission between locations supporting jumbo frames, VLAN tagging and VLAN stacking
  • 24x7 monitoring year-round
  • Maximum flexibility and control of your network
  • Reduced costs through efficient data transport options via fiber
  • Solid service level agreements
  • Fast provisioning timeframes

The Benefits

  • Control - Direct fiber connections between your business locations carried end-to-end via fiber optics.
  • Flexibility - Scalable, on-demand bandwidth allocation defined by a company's business requirements.

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