Voice Over Internet Protocol

Why VoIP?

  • Reduce your costs by up to 40%, simplify administration and management and increase employee productivity with VoIP. Whether you are looking for a business-class broadband service that truly integrates high-speed internet and telephone service, or you're simply looking to take advantage of a PBX replacement or upgrade.
  • The technology will allow you to build one cable infrastructure and local area network. Eliminate the need for two separate and distinct physical cable plant and infrastructure, one for telephone and one for computers.
  • Enhances the survivability of your telecommunications by minimizing a single point of failure or as traditional phone systems have one central processor unit. This architecture allows for a redundant, distributed system with automatic fail-over capabilities.
  • Incurring no additional costs for moves, adds or changes.
  • Combine phone and high-speed internet services.
  • Significantly reducing capital investment in on-premises hardware.
  • Reducing ongoing expenses in hardware maintenance & programming.
  • Implementing affordable local and long distance rates with free calls between networked locations (4-digit dialing) as well as an unlimited usage plan.

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