Business Internet Access Services

Get Business Continuity You Can Depend On

  • Wireless internet access
  • MS Hosted Exchange and web hosting – Why do we offer business continuity? So you don't have to own the server and updates plus licensing. Honestly, this simply wastes the precious time of your IT director who must be certified on every element of Microsoft. After all, isn't their time better spent on your important IT business needs? We thought so.
  • Spam and antivirus filtering – When 20 to 25% of all mail is spam and viruses, our services keeps this garbage off our network and most importantly off yours. We free up that precious bandwidth for legitimate business needs rather than rouge spammers. In so doing, we've solved a major clutter problem and business continuity and disaster plans are more effectively in place, just where you need them.
  • If you do have your own email servers, we will store and forward in the event of an outage on your server, plus alert you that your mail delivery is down. This business continuity solution has solved the business recovery issue, and we can easily convert your mail over to our hosted exchange in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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