Hosted Contact Center

Transform Your Call Center

The role of the contact center is changing from a cost center to a strategic corporate asset. While focusing on cost reductions made sense a decade ago, today it’s all about agent productivity and maximizing sales and service business outcomes – and other key metrics that determine if you are delivering real value to your customers.

Transform your contact center into a strategic business asset with BroadSoft CC-One—an omni-channel, cloud contact center solution that uses predictive analytics to lower operating costs and improve business performance.

Whatever key performance indicators you use to measure the success of your contact center, CC-One will help you monitor, manage and maximize them.

Whether you’re a new business creating your first contact center, 
a medium size business looking to improve contact center operations, 
or a large enterprise needing visibility and control over multiple contact center sites, 
BroadSoft CC-One has a solution that will fit your needs.


BroadSoft CC-One is a truly unified cloud contact center solution, offering omni-channel customer interactions over web, email, chat and social, and integrated collaboration between your agents and the back office through voice, chat and video. Integrated workforce optimization, outbound campaigns and predictive analytics give you everything you need for a high-performing contact center in the cloud.

Got an old system in place already? No worries, CC-One can gracefully migrate you to the cloud and all of its benefits, without expensive and risky "rip and replace” approach.

BroadSoft CC-One improves the efficiency of your agents, contact center managers and administrators, creating a seamless customer experience across all major communication channels.

Omni-channel customer interactions

Communicate via voice, web, email, chat and social from a unified environment

Unified communications

Ease collaboration between agents, managers and back-office subject matter experts

Predictive analytics-based routing

Match each customer to the best agent for the best business outcomes

Cloud contact center solutions

Centrally manage ACD, speech-enabled IVR, WFO, Outbound Campaigns and CRM integration

Omni-channel view of customer journey

Analyze cross-channel customer interactions with integrated “voice of the customer” analytics

Performance analytics

Understand the agent and customer behaviors and attributes that drive the business

The Bottom Line On Hosted Contact Center Solutions 

The move from old to new technology isn't always one that must take place in a single step. Easily, conveniently and seamlessly connect satellite offices together without expensive capital and changing out existing equipment, and consolidate data and voice bills to save money on useless phone features and long distance per-minute charges with Complete Hosted IP PBX solutions from Universal Connectivity.

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