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Happy Birthday Bell Telephone!

Posted on Fri, Mar 11, 2016


It is not too late to offer a 140 Year birthday wish to the Alexander Graham Bell telephone. 

On March 7, 1876 the patent was issued and on March 10, 1876 the historic first call was placed and the spoken message was heard beckoning Mr. Watson.  What is quiet fascinating is in 1874 Western Union President William Orton uttered very prescient words that the telephone will become “the nervous system of commerce.”  If we think for a moment how and why we communicate we would have to agree fully with the statement.  Given there may be a personal SMS text or two to your spouse and children! 

I am humbled and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the 140 year history and evolution of telecommunications.   Every day we get to help companies scale and grow their businesses through solutions we create for them around their unique needs and leverage an immense telecommunications infrastructure in doing so.

As I write this post I am watching a Connecticut public hearing online via streaming video regarding the raised bill 331 regarding high speed internet which started at 11am this morning and as of 3:45pm has no end in sight…

As the debate and discussion continues,  it serves as a clear present day example of the fact that our entire telecommunication systems have become the central nervous system of all commerce.

So as you raise a glass with me to thank Alexander Graham Bell tonight I ask you to think and share with me what you think telecommunications will look and feel like 140 years from now?  Will we even need devices to communicate with each other?  What do you think?


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Growing Up … Enhance Your Call Center With Next Generation Technology

Posted on Thu, Feb 14, 2013

call center, call center technology, new technology, bandwidth, customer support, customer serviceAnother year has come and gone. With it, your call center system has grown one year older. With technology evolving all around us, 2013 is the time to consider updating and upgrading your call center solutions. The next generation of call center technology is upon us and more exciting advances loom on the horizon. If you don’t take steps to keep your phone systems up to speed, your competitors surely will. Harness today’s technology for a more productive and profitable tomorrow.

Answer The Call

The speed and efficiency of your call center shapes your customers’ experience. When it comes to customer service, dropped calls, low call quality and convoluted automated systems prevent you from putting your best foot forward. These inefficiencies may also be standing between your company and repeat business.

On the bright side, the technology available to you for improving this problem has never been more dynamic or cost effective. It’s up to you to take advantage of current innovations in the field while always looking to the future.

Call Center -- The Next Generation

It’s never too soon to start thinking about a call center update. As new priorities emerge for your company -- whether they’re personal growth or greater disaster preparedness related -- a third-party call center provider infuses your operation with the technology to meet these priorities. With improved call center technology, anticipate improvements in the following dimensions of your business: 

  • Flexibility
    With greater technological capability comes greater freedom. Today’s call center carrier should have the flexibility to offer you a precise number of lines, extensions and long distance to fit your business needs. Unbundled service packages mean you no longer have to pay for features you don’t intend to use.
  • Integration
    Your business may exist across a wide expanse of geographical and virtual locations. A state-of-the-art call center seamlessly connects your satellite offices to a single customer support network. Integrated with leading CRM tools such as SugarCRM, Sage, and SalesForce. Our APIs also enable us to exchange information with customer developed order processing and tracking applications. With this flexibility your company will be able to leverage technology to make your employees work more efficiently and out-perform your competition.
  • Access
    A modern call center provides your customers with fast and reliable service by creating optimal bandwidth access. Call quality and reliability depend on the data transfer rate facilitated by this bandwidth. If you feel your call center could be faster and more efficient, improving bandwidth through your provider is a great first step.
  • Preparedness
    Recent natural and manmade disasters have demonstrated the need for collective preparedness company-wide. This is especially true for the communication sector, which has a critical role to play in the face of emergencies. Today, some call center service providers offer backup wireless systems to supplement fiber optic networks so that your lines of communication remain open when you need them the most.
  • Savings
    An investment in greater call center technology ultimately translates into lower expenses. Advancing call center technology allows you to outsource your service needs with extensive package specificity. With wider choices in customer premise equipment (CPE), you have the opportunity to eliminate the need for in-house customer support. This, in turn, lowers your total cost of ownership for the adopted system.

Universal Connectivity helps you harness the most advanced call center technologies and capabilities, giving you the opportunity to enhance your call center functionality while cutting your operational costs.

To learn more about how Universal Connectivity helps your call center grow into 2013 and beyond, click on the button below or call 866.808.1412 to talk with the call center experts about Complete Hosted Phone Service

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