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New Year's Resolution - Listen Up!

Posted on Tue, Feb 13, 2018

listenup.jpgTo Communicate Better, we first need to look at our listening skills

As we look for ways to Communicate Better in 2018, let’s first reflect on how we receive information and – more importantly – how well we receive that information. 

Communication is the sharing of information. One person is expressing thoughts, concerns, ideas, fears in the hopes that the other person responds in a productive manner. When your partner describes the disastrous events of the day, are you thinking about how your day went? When your client is frustrated with your product, are you already forming your response? Or are you truly listening, wanting to understand what has caused the person to share this information with you?

Good communication also needs some of the obvious things such as meeting in person, a clear phone or video connection, a common language and some basis of shared knowledge. If one person using technical lingo, it may sound like gobbledygook to the other person. If the phone connection goes in and out, not only can’t you hear the full conversation, but you become distracted with the static.

Both the speaker and the listener need to be focused on the conversation – not multi-tasking as we all do - to be effective communicators. Take a moment to reflect on your own communication skills. Maybe you could be a better listener by taking the time to understand why someone is sharing with you. Perhaps you need to learn new industry jargon to better understand the subject matter. You may need better phone reception. Not until you truly understand what the other person is communicating, is it time to change roles and share your information back.

At Universal Connectivity, our mission statement and core values are based on listening so that we can provide solutions to our client’s needs. We have great tools and resources to offer, but we first need to understand our client’s business needs before we suggest solutions.

We’re ready to listen!

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