Let's Link.

You need a telecommunications solution that's defined by your company's specific needs. And the only way you get that is by linking to someone who truly listens to those needs. This is the crucial connection to your customers, your revenue and your success. This is your company's reputation -- let’s make it personal.

Let's Link

The Universal Connectivity Continuity Promise™

When lines go down, customer service is compromised and productivity is paralyzed. With UC, you get clear connections, high speed Internet and solutions that work -- every time.

Why Link With UC?

UC Makes It Personal

Your UC Sales Connector’s job is to get personal with your phone system, your infrastructure and your company’s team. If you have a problem, your UC Sales Connector makes it personal and gets it fixed.

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The Process That Links

From discovery to delivery, we make our partnership as simple and satisfying as possible. With UC, you get solid solutions, shaped to suit your needs.

Connect The Dots

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